Freeride Touring in Siberia

Luzhba - in Kuzntes Ala Tau ranges of Sayan Altai mountains is perfect destination to start early ski touring season already in November at reasonable price.  It is a place with its character, traditions and history just like Saxon Switzerland but in Russia. Travel to here is a bit complicated but rewarded with epic powder conditions for life time ski touring adventures in Siberia. Mountains are not crazy high here and of average 600-1100 meters with 300-700 vertical meters per run. Thus 3-4 runs will fill your day with joy of powder skiing and evening sauna followed by traditional vodka shots to polish the day creates positive vibes and atmosphere. Most ski runs here are through the forest which is dense enough for comfortable guided freeride touring. This itinerary perfectly combines with another ski touring package in lake Baikal neighborhood SKI TOUR BAIKAL of SKI TOUR TRANS-SIBERIA if you think of full flavor 14 days adventure in Russia lead by professional  IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guides. 

Freeride skiing in Luzhba, Siberia


1 Day. Arrive Novokuznetsk (NOZ)

2 Day. Suburban Train to Luzhba. PM Ski Tour

3 Day. Ski touring in Siberia/Luzhba

4 Day. Ski touring in Siberia/Luzhba

5 Day. Ski touring in Siberia/Luzhba

6 Day. Ski touring in Siberia/Luzhba

7 Day. AM Ski Tour. Train to Novokuznetsk

8 Day. Departure

Skinning up in Luzhba, Siberia

Price per person

*1250 Euro

*Price based on 3 pax min reservation requirement

Trailing up through the forest in Luzhba, Siberia

Price includes:

Like to join? Email us now! Or check the option of powder skiing around lake Baikal or longer Trans Siberia to fit your ski holidays.

Taiga panorama from Konchik peak, Luzhba, Siberia
waist deep powder skiing in Luzhba, Siberia
Konchik peak in Luzhba, Siberia
wooden lodges in luzhba