Freeride touring at Lake Baikal

Mamai is Russian freeride touring Mecca in Khabar Daban mountain range. It is a small valley in Siberian republic of Buryatia where South Siberian mountains meet lake Baikal - the largest fresh water lake on earth. Why coming here to ski tour? The answer is obvious: the total ammount of snow here kidding - 9 metres per season which lasts from mid November to the end of April or even later. This is the earliest you can start ski touring season in northern semisphere. Prime time is from Mid November to mid January, just before the most coldest days come and waters of Baikal freeze till sun melts it again in April. The low temperatures make snow as light as dust, and frequent snowfalls come with at least 1 meter of fresh powder everytime, leavening the slopes pristine. Spring ski lovers will also be amused by snow quality and warmer temperatures in April and May. Ski Pro offers 8 day ski touring package lead by loacal IFMGA/RMGA/KMGA in lake Baikal area which perfetly combinates with SKI LUZHBA package to SKI TRANS-SIBERIA.

Touring up above lake Baikal


1 Day. Arrive Irkutsk (IKT). Transfer to Mamai 4 hrs.

2 Day. Ski touring in Mamai. Hamar Daban range.

3 Day. Ski Mamai/Baikal/Siberia

4 Day. Ski Mamai/Baikal/Siberia

5 Day. Ski Mamai/Baikal/Siberia

6 Day. Ski Mamai/Baikal/Siberia

7 Day. Transfer to Irkutsk 4 hrs.

8 Day. Departure.

breaking up in deep snow above lake Baikal

Price per person

*1490 EURO

**Price based on 3 pax min reservation requirement

getting ready for another rad line

Price includes:


  • All relevant transportation

  • Full board meals

  • Hut accommodation 6 nts

  • Hotel accommodation 1 nt

  • Daily sauna

  • Gear haul by skidoo

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Touring up in upper grounds of Mamai valley
Powder skiing at lake Baikal
Breaking a trail above lake Baikal
Freeride skiing south expositions in lake Baikal